As our first communities have begun talking with each other ideas are flowing thick and fast.

I hope you like our new name. Place by Place is first of all a means of including those local communities that don’t see themselves as neighbourhoods. Neighbourhoods for the Earth did not work for rural areas.

We have also created a new way of getting involved with the movement. We recognised that there was a need for a first step, whereby interested individuals could get in touch and explore what could be done in their area. So, we invite everyone interested in this movement to first become an Earth Partner. This will include online meetings where people can meet and ask questions.

We have also been delighted with the variety of interpretations already obvious in putting on festivals in celebration of our relationship with the Earth and will shortly be posting a list of ideas and helps regarding festivals that other communities can select from.

You may have noticed a change in emphasis in how we present the movement. We recognise more and more clearly that lying beneath the hesitation of people and nations to act on the environmental crisis, is the much more difficult problem of our Western Culture. It is this, often unconscious, shaping of our minds by the dominant culture that has to be addressed. And we believe that working through local communities, festivals and caring for nature in our local area could really help and even herald the rebirth of a culture. (Read more on this)

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