Emersons Green launches Community Nature Reserve

Setting aside places for wildlife can seem hard in a built up area. Studying the map of Emersons Green shows that private gardens make up about half the total land in this area. So how would it be if these gardens became part of a designated wildlife reserve? Emersons Green is fortunate in many ways. […]

Festival toolkit is published – check it out

We are delighted to present the first draft of our festival toolkit, designed to allow new places to get on board easily. It takes you through the basic elements of putting on a festival and links to various practical ideas that have been used so far.  Values: The aim is to put on a festival […]

Festivals – Emersons Green Style

We have been doing festivals focused on the Earth for a few years now. At first, we just put up a few tents and did some tours with our local ecologist. For the last two years we have stepped up to something more ambitious. This is what we have done. We arranged to use a […]

First festival at Saint Andrews

Our friends in Canada have given us a great example of a festival celebrating our relationship with the Earth.  But they also had their problems.  The original date had to be changed as a hurricane tore through the area. What a sign that was of the importance of the work we are doing! They gave […]

Saint Andrews, New Brunswick – festival is about to happen

We are delighted to hear that plans for the Autumn festival at New Brunswick in Canada are about to be hatched! The festival is set for September 22nd and lots of local schools are involved, as well as adults, and the organising team are already looking to future years. Their messsage to Neighbourhoods for the […]

Small is Beautiful – revisited

It is now nearly fifty years since EF Schumacher penned his seminal work ‘Small is Beautiful’. I recall reading it as a young man and finding hope that small, well-designed interventions could solve some of our most intractable problems. I still carry that hope today as we face the environmental crisis and for all our […]